Two Vaders, a skeleton, and the Six Million Dollar Man walk into a school cafeteria…the start of a joke, or did it actually happen? Photographic evidence proves that this went down for real!

The boys are all set for Halloween! Looks like Lee Majors is all set to go!

Kevin remembers,”So, here’s a picture from Halloween 1978. From left to right: My best friend, who is also named Kevin, as Darth Vader, my little brother as The Six Million Dollar Man, another friend as a skeleton and myself in the “realistic” Darth Vader costume. I didn’t like the costumes that had the character’s face on the front. I felt it wasn’t real looking and true to life. I even found an old pair of black leather gloves so that I looked even more like the movie version. LOL. I actually still have the costume but lost the mask and cape over the years. This was a Ben Cooper Playsuit. The high end version of their costumes. It came from the Toys-R-Us on Gratiot Ave in Roseville, Michigan, which is still there to this day. My Mom had decided years earlier that she would only buy us the higher end Ben Cooper Playsuits because we would want to wear our costumes all year and play in them. The lower end ones always tore so quickly but, these playsuits were tough and handled kids play pretty well.”