IGUSW podcast Episode 2 with Rob O’Hara

The igrewupstarwars.com VidCast track (episode) 2 is here!

This episode, we listen to an old radio favorite of mine before we dive into some silly tape recordings from my childhood. I try and talk a Monster from Space out of invading the Earth. Does it work? I guess we’ll have to wait until Episode (track 3). We then give our friend Rob O’Hara a call on the old rotary phone and discuss a few photos of his in the gallery over at http://www.igrewupstarwars.com. I’m fed bogus show notes and things get awkward momentarily before we proceed down memory lane with Rob. His favorite Star Wars Figure is…..? Well, tune in and find out right here!

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEaISTfWnJ0″ width=”960″ autoplay=”yes”]