To John from Darth Vader 1978

Here’s John’s autographed photo of Darth Vader. Ya know, it’s nice to know that after the destruction of the first Death Star Vader had time to sign autographs for fans.

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I had that same photo. Even as a kid i thought it was odd Darth had a blaster. When I met him he had the blaster with him and brought along one storm trooper with the same blaster. It was exciting as a kid but looking back as an adult and thinking back it was kind of cheesy. All the photos were pre-signed (I mean preprinted). I see yours is personally signed and as you stated he had time to sign it. As for mine, it must’ve been too early to actually sign photos so they were preprinted. Thanks for the memory, I’ll have to go back and see if I can find the photo somewhere.

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