Derek is my hero! Vader looks terrified! 1980

Derek is a kid I admire! Derek went Head to…head to belt and hung with the Dark Lord of the Sith. Derek is a warrior! A STAR WARRIOR!

Seriously though, if I had this photo but it was me with Vader instead of Derek? It would be my driver license, passport, and 70’s van side art image! It’s that awesome!

Derek remembers, this photo was taken back in 1980. There was a local contest for kids to draw their favorite Star Wars characters, sponsored by Lucasfilm. With “Empire Strikes Back” recently released, I drew my favorite…Yoda. And I became one of a few that day that won the contest in my age category (I was 6 in that photo). Since this took place in the Central Valley of California, and Lucas being a native of nearby Modesto, I think it was easy for him to send someone official to preside over the ceremony. So this photo is me accepting my 1st Place ribbon on stage, under the watchful hand of the Dark Lord Of The Sith himself. I recall getting a nifty ESB t-shirt and other odds and ends. But the photo is the real keepsake.

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