John the Jawa and his Halloween crew! 1978

Sure, there has been a ton of kids who’ve loved Star Wars! Since it’s release in 1977, children have been clambering to be someone, anyone from Star Wars! And some kids….not so much. Take Clowny, and Donald up here. Did they even watch Star Wars? And if so, why not help out your buddy Jawa John there.

It’s okay John, I believe in you and your efforts to bring the awesome Jawa to life for Halloween.

John recalls, “I’m wearing my homemade Jawa costume and carrying my 1977 Han Solo blaster. My brother David is Donald Duck and my late mother Charlotte is the clown. I won 1st Place for Best Costume in the Dunbar Halloween Parade that year. I lost the costume, blaster, and award in a house fire in 2015; however, my pictures and memories survived.”

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