Andy’s Star Wars note to his Grammy. 1980

Andy remembers, Here’s a great treasure I found while helping my mom move. From Sept. ’80, a letter to my grandmother that found its way to my mom’s possession after she passed on. Apparently I was quite happy the dollar she sent me helped me purchase Greedo.

Here’s the transcript of the fun note above:

Dear Ma-Maw,

Thanks for the dollar you sent me. With it, I went to K-Mart and I got a figure and his name is Greedo (Gur-E-Do). I am sending you a picture of him. Tomorrow I am having a friend over and we are going to have a war with our figures. My teacher is NOT the one I wanted (I called her witch!). I wanted Mr. Eader and I got Mrs. Lathan. All she thinks about is basketball and hopping on one foot in gym. Right now I am sitting in bed with my new bed lamp, the kind you clamp on headboard above your pillow. So far I have 17 figures. I also have the Landspeeder, and the mini sized X-Wing. Well, have to go now.

Love you,

Little Andy




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