Mark and Ryan command an AT-AT! 1981

Mark tells us,”Christmas holidays ’81 with my friend Ryan, only recently found this image among some old photos from my Grandad’s house in a box, It’s from an old underexposed Polaroid photo so please excuse the scratches.

My Mum and Dad were shoe factory workers during my childhood and didn’t have much time off at Christmas other than the usual couple of days, so when the school holidays were on, I spent a great deal of that time with my Nanny and Grandad at their house. On this particular year they’d bought me the AT-AT for Christmas ( I still have it)

Lots of adventures were had up there, their front room was usually echo base , with the second room being the distant universe where we would travel to with our starships before returning to the front room, my friend Ryan had a lot of different stuff for Star Wars so when we got together it was fantastic, happy happy days…

My Grandad and Nanny got me the Land Speeder originally in ’78 for my birthday that year and also the Palitoy Death Star. Also on our travels in the delivery van over the years – the original cantina aliens (Greedo, Hammerhead, Walrus man and Snaggletooth from a toyshop in Friars Vennel in Dumfries, The Hoth turret with probot came from Mark Taylor’s toy shop in Workington, as did the Imperial attack base, and of course the AT-AT for Christmas ’81…

Thank you Nanny and Grandad for helping me Grow up Star Wars, although I miss you both terribly, I only have to close my eyes or watch one of the movies and you appear again in my mind…”

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