Ryan and his new Star Wars Rebel Fleet! Birthday 1979

Cake now, attacking the evil Galactic Empire later……

Ryan and his new Millennium Falcon! 1979

Anticipation on the face of a young Ryan as he stares into the packaging of a brand spankin’ new Die-Cast Falcon! Good times!

Mark and Ryan command an AT-AT! 1981

Mark tells us,”Christmas holidays ’81 with my friend Ryan, only recently found this image among some old photos from my Grandad’s house in a box, It’s from an old underexposed Polaroid photo so please excuse the scratches.

My Mum and …

Ryan and a motley Star Wars crew! Halloween 1978

Ryan remembers, “Halloween 78. My buddy is 3-PO. If you notice his mask is a repainted Spidey mask. I don’t know why, but I’m the Headless Horseman.” 🙂…


Ryan relaxes with the Millennium Falcon! 1982

What better way to have fun than with the Millennium Falcon! One of the best Star Wars playsets ever made!

I’m not sure Ryan is taking a little break from the action, or that pillow is about to be used …

Halloween Jawas! Ryan at Halloween 1977

Ryan nailed it that year! Jawas are always a great costume choice!…


You tenderfoots like them Star Wars, eh? Rob and Ryan 1980

What in tarnation do we have here? Looks like some real live cow pokes who happen to love Star Wars…and Spiderman! Yeeeee Hawwwww fer that feller Darth Vader!

Rob remembers, “The photo of Ryan and I in blue Underoos shirts …

Ryan as Yoda…waiting for an appointment? Halloween 1982

Here’s Ryan as the little Jedi dude, Yoda. Rob his brother remembers, “The photo of my younger brother Ryan dressed as Yoda for Halloween was taken in 1982.”

I can’t help but see this photo and wonder what Yoda is …


Ryan and Rob love Star Wars and stooges! Christmas 1983

Ryan remembers, “The photo of Ryan and I with the newly-opened Ewok Village and his “Moe” ventriloquist doll is from Christmas 1983.”

I wonder if Moe ever terrorized Ewoks soon after this photo was taken?…