Russ the Rebel Pilot! 1983

Russ stares off into the distance (probably looking over his X-Wing). Underoos made the perfect outfit for celebrating Star Wars, which was happening 24/7. …


Magnus scores Star Wars figures, and underwear! 1984

All smiles, Magnus presents us his newly acquired Star Wars figures, that and some unmentionables. …


Michael wakes up to a Star Wars Christmas morning! 1980

Michael still looks a bit drowsy, let’s hope the promise of Star Wars toys wakes him up. 🙂

Merry Christmas Michael!…

Boba Brian shares a photo with friends. 1981

Brian chills out with friends in his rather stylish Boba Fett Underoos shirt. It’s clear everyone in the photo is also a Boba Fett fan! You can see that, can’t you?…

Matt celebrates his birthday as Boba Fett! 1981

It’s Matt’s party and he’ll be Boba Fett if he wants to! Isn’t that how the song goes?

Happy Birthday, Matt!…


You tenderfoots like them Star Wars, eh? Rob and Ryan 1980

What in tarnation do we have here? Looks like some real live cow pokes who happen to love Star Wars…and Spiderman! Yeeeee Hawwwww fer that feller Darth Vader!

Rob remembers, “The photo of Ryan and I in blue Underoos shirts …

It’s Boba Frank’s Birthday! 1981

Who says Underoos Boba Fett shirts can only be worn at bedtime? You can wear ’em anytime, even for your own birthday party! Heck yeah!…


Bats love underoos? Rich in 1980

So here’s Rich, a tape recorder, and a bat! Not just any bat, but a “Gre-Gory” bat toy! Look it up! 

If Rich wants to run around in Yoda Underoos, holding a toy bat in one hand, and a …

The Boba Fett underoo’s are handed down…Rob’s son 2016

These Boba Fett Underoo’s are handed down to Rob’s son. If the shirt fits, wear it!…