Matt and his birthday X-Wing! 1978

Matt seems to be rather pleased with his birthday present, but why not? This is Matt’s 10th birthday, in 1978. There is no better gift than the gift of Star Wars stuff.

First things first though Matt. I’d get started …


Erik celebrates a Star Wars birthday! 1982

It looks like Erik has fully accepted his new X-Wing into the family. There is nothing better than getting Star Wars toys for your birthday! Happy Birthday, Erik! …

Christopher and his amazing Star Wars collection! 1978

Christopher clearly loves Star Wars! I mean, look at these amazing artifacts! Oh, and don’t forget the BattleStar Galactica sprinkled in…nice! …


Steven prepares for launch! Halloween 1980

The perfect choice in costume makes all the difference when heading out for tricks and treats! X-Wing Luke is one we don’t see often, so when you do see it, it must be celebrated! Steven deserves ALL the candy! I …


Robbie’s amazing Star Wars shirt! 1978

Robbie is all smiles! When it’s your birthday, AND you’re wearing a Star Wars shirt it can’t get any better! Now, who wants cake? …


Immersed in STAR WARS! Tony 1979

Tony here is drowning in Star Wars bliss! Toys, bed sheets, curtains! Tony’s bedroom looks amazing! …


David and his X-wing drawing. 1980

Many times, when recreating favorite characters, planets, and ships we tend to forget details. David’s X-Wing here loses some slight identification as being the classic rebel ship. The parts are all there, and certainly the fun is too. David, close …

Jarrod and his brother pose with their Star Wars stuff! 1979

There’s a typical look from the kids that have photos taken with their Star Wars toys. It’s always a look of happiness and satisfaction. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see above.

Jarrod tells us,”Here’s a pic of …

Drawing the coolness of Star Wars! Carlos

Adventures are just a sheet of paper and set of markers away! …