Neal dives headfirst into some Ewok goodness! 1983

Neal remembers, “Had to be around 1983/1984 I think. This was taken at Chuck E Cheese.”

A fun day indeed! Happy Birthday, Neal!


Dan the Jawa will kill it this Halloween! 1979

Dan explains how his amazing costume came to be!

“My mom purchased the brown dye for the cloth (1+ hour round-trip drive to get the materials). She created the costume without a pattern. The only thing she had for a …

Bradley and friends enjoy an amazing Star Wars halloween! 1983

Here, Bradley and cohorts enjoy an amazing evening of tricks and treats! Return of the Jedi characters and the light exercise involved with neighborhood canvassing are sure to bring goobs of candy! Oh, Halloweens’ of our childhood. How I miss …

Chris and pals enjoy some Star Wars! 1982

There’s nothing better than being with your buddies, while opening some Birthday Star Wars figures. As you can see, EVERYONE was impressed by the Birthday haul. …

Bill’s new Birthday X-Wing! 1978

Bill admires his new X-Wing! Oh the adventures that are about to take place! …


Jason meets See Threepio! 1979

The coolest thing you could ever get for a birthday present was obviously something Star Wars related. Getting a 12 inch C-3PO figure would have blown my little mind! To be honest, I’m jealous right now!

I hope that birthday …

Jason and friends celebrate a Star Wars birthday! 1981

What a cool gift! The mini-rig PDT-8 was a cool toy! Happy Birthday Jason!


Daryl revels in a new AT-AT. 1981

Daryl tells us,”Birthday November 1981. Still have the AT-AT and the box in my collection.” A memorable celebration, indeed! …

Michael and Billy face-off, Star Wars style! 1981

Michael remembers,” In 1981, with my Han & Chewie T-shirt and my homemade lightsaber, trying to talk my friend Billy outta shooting me with Han’s blaster.”…