Jameson enjoys a Star Wars birthday! 1982

Master Jameson relaxes with friends and family, most likely gazing at Jameson’s impressive Star Wars toy collection. Let’s get into the kitchen, there’s birthday cake to be eaten!

Happy Birthday, Jameson!

Robbie and his new birthday Millenium Falcon. 1980

Robbie seems to be pretty happy with his new Millenium Falcon! Oh the adventures you’ll share! Happy birthday, Robbie!…

The joy created from a new Millennium Falcon! Jeff, Christmas 1983

The joy of getting a new Millennium Falcon is one of the best things to happen during a childhood. 1983 was an exciting time to be a kid! …


Martin commands the Millennium Falcon! 1983

Martin tells us, “This was me, probably 1983, aged 8. The Falcon was my favourite toy and I loved flying it round my parents garden!”

May the Force be with you, Martin! …


Jason just realized he got a Falcon for Christmas! 1979

The moment you realize you’ve gotten the coolest hunk of junk in the galaxy is one of the best feelings EVER! Merry Christmas, Jason! …


Building the Millenium Falcon! Jason at Christmas 1979

What’s better than getting a Millenium Falcon for Christmas? Answer: NOTHING! …


David illustrates a minimalist Millennium Falcon! 1977

At a young age, David presents us with just a small handful of small, yet meaningful marker strokes. Voila! The Millenium Falcon is brought to paper! A masterpiece in orange marker! …

Paul and the Falcon at bedtime…

Paul can’t sleep! How could you if you had the choice of playing with your own Millennium Falcon, or sleeping? Tough choice…indeed. …


Keith just discovered he now owns a Falcon! Christmas 1981

I’d be smiling too if I just got a Millennium Falcon for Christmas! …