The joy created from a new Millennium Falcon! Jeff, Christmas 1983

The joy of getting a new Millennium Falcon is one of the best things to happen during a childhood. 1983 was an exciting time to be a kid! …

Evander and Snaggletooth! 1983

Here’s Evander, clutching what is obviously (to even the most casual observer) a Snaggletooth action figure. A figure that was usually seen within the confines of the Cantina playset. Too see one in the wild as pictured here is truly …

Martin commands the Millennium Falcon! 1983

Martin tells us, “This was me, probably 1983, aged 8. The Falcon was my favourite toy and I loved flying it round my parents garden!”

May the Force be with you, Martin! …

Neal dives headfirst into some Ewok goodness! 1983

Neal remembers, “Had to be around 1983/1984 I think. This was taken at Chuck E Cheese.”

A fun day indeed! Happy Birthday, Neal!


Laura and Friends recreate some Star Wars Halloween fun! 1983

Laura tells us,”From 1983. I am the cardboard C-3PO and my friend Lynda is Leia. The stormtrooper is also a friend from high school (costume also cardboard). The Gamorrean is a friend of Lynda‚Äôs little sister, I believe.”

An epic …


David and his new Y-Wing! Christmas 1983

David is all ready to fight the Galactic Empire! That is unless there’s more presents to open…then the Empire will have to wait. …

Jason and his Star Wars wall of fandom! 1983

Here’s Jason! Jason seems to be a connoisseur of fine Star Wars artifacts. We all might have been, but Jason seems to have outdone himself. His collection of memorabilia is exceptional!…


Jamie visits the Ewok Village! Christmas 1983

Jamie travelled to Endor for Christmas! What a trip that must have been! …

Jamie and his ROTJ bedspread! 1983

If you’re taken by surprise, the least and worst you can do is chill on a Return of the Jedi bedspread. You might be surprised, but you’ll also look cool! …