Chepo and his brother FORCE their way through Halloween! 1983

WOW! What an amazing reenactment of a classic scene from Return of the Jedi!

Chepo tells us,”My brother and I – Halloween 1983. Mom made our costumes. She supported our “habit”.”

Yes she did! With much love and attention to …

Chris patrols the store with some Imperial authority! 1979

Chris tells us, “Someday I’ll share this story properly…that’s my brother (Vader) and I (trooper) handing out coupons in a department store…at Christmas time… makes total sense!”…


Star Wars stocking stuffers and Christmas fun! Jason 1980

So much Christmas goodness here! 1980 was a very good Christmas for Jason!…

Bradley and brothers and the hidden Empire! Christmas 1981

Another Star Wars hide and go seek game in this photo! Where’s the Star Wars? Bottom left corner…see it?

Bradley’s in the center there. I gotta admit, this photo has a little bit of everything going on!


It’s a …