Jameson enjoys a Star Wars birthday! 1982

Master Jameson relaxes with friends and family, most likely gazing at Jameson’s impressive Star Wars toy collection. Let’s get into the kitchen, there’s birthday cake to be eaten!

Happy Birthday, Jameson!

Robbie and his new birthday Millenium Falcon. 1980

Robbie seems to be pretty happy with his new Millenium Falcon! Oh the adventures you’ll share! Happy birthday, Robbie!…

Let’s discuss Mini Rigs! Jason, 1981

The party looks on as Jason liberates the PDT-8 from it’s packaging. Dramatic wording, I know. But Star Wars birthday presents were serious stuff back then. …

Yoda watches over Jason’s party! 1981

It appears that Jason has left the room, but that’s okay. The focus is on Yoda…and the cake. The truth is, it’s ALWAYS about the Green Guy, and cake. Never forget that. …

Jason is guided by Yoda!

The candle, out you will blow! Or? The candle blowing out, you will! Sheesh, Yoda speak is harder than you think. What I DO know is that Jason better get a move on. His guests are getting hungry! Happy Birthday …

Matt and his birthday X-Wing! 1978

Matt seems to be rather pleased with his birthday present, but why not? This is Matt’s 10th birthday, in 1978. There is no better gift than the gift of Star Wars stuff.

First things first though Matt. I’d get started …


Neal dives headfirst into some Ewok goodness! 1983

Neal remembers, “Had to be around 1983/1984 I think. This was taken at Chuck E Cheese.”

A fun day indeed! Happy Birthday, Neal!


Erik celebrates a Star Wars birthday! 1982

It looks like Erik has fully accepted his new X-Wing into the family. There is nothing better than getting Star Wars toys for your birthday! Happy Birthday, Erik! …


Karl’s birthday cake, 1980!

Here’s Karl’s birthday cake! What’s better than Star Wars figures atop a delicious cake? Not much folks, not much!…