Neal dives headfirst into some Ewok goodness! 1983

Neal remembers, “Had to be around 1983/1984 I think. This was taken at Chuck E Cheese.”

A fun day indeed! Happy Birthday, Neal!

A quick photo before heading out for a Star Wars Halloween night! Bradley and Eric, 1983

This trio was all in for some Star Wars halloween fun! These costumes surely represent that amazing Return of the Jedi era of Halloweening (is that a word? It is now)!…


Bradley and friends enjoy an amazing Star Wars halloween! 1983

Here, Bradley and cohorts enjoy an amazing evening of tricks and treats! Return of the Jedi characters and the light exercise involved with neighborhood canvassing are sure to bring goobs of candy! Oh, Halloweens’ of our childhood. How I miss …


Tom the Ewok! 1983

Tom disguises himself as an Ewok. Most likely to become accepted into an Ewok tribe to study it’s customs…or it might be Halloween. I’m unsure. …

A young Robin befriends a friendly Ewok! 1990

Robin makes friends with a new buddy. Ewoks seem to take to young ladies in the forest. …


Chad wishes us an Ewok-ful day! 1983

Chad’s awesome drawing wishes us a Ewokful Day! I can only imagine that means an Awesome day!

Thanks Chad!…

Tili visits Endor! Christmas 1984

Tili hangs out on Endor with his friends. It’s too bad they are busy arguing again. Ah well, Merry Christmas!…

Even superheroes LOVE Star Wars! Mark 1987

Superman, Spiderman, and Dad enjoy some Star Wars time! There’s so much greatness in this photo I can hardly stand it……