Michael wakes up to a Star Wars Christmas morning! 1980

Michael still looks a bit drowsy, let’s hope the promise of Star Wars toys wakes him up. 🙂

Merry Christmas Michael!…

Bats love underoos? Rich in 1980

So here’s Rich, a tape recorder, and a bat! Not just any bat, but a “Gre-Gory” bat toy! Look it up! 

If Rich wants to run around in Yoda Underoos, holding a toy bat in one hand, and a …


Zack as Fett…Fett in his Underoos! 1980

It’s a crazy world! Some kids were lucky enough to get underwear that had Star Wars details on them! Underoos were underwear that was fun to wear!…

Justin is excited about his Star Wars pajamas! 1980

Justin is excited about his Star Wars pajamas! These aren’t Underoos, so what are they? Hmmmm….is it strange I’m confused by underwear? Let’s move on shall we? …