Can you capture Star Wars happiness in a photo? Yes you can! Richard 1983

Everything about this photo is pure early 80’s nostalgia! Everything! From the gaggle of Star Wars figures right down to the Mr. T sweat shirt! Don’t think we didn’t notice, Richard!…

Patrick and Richard hang out at the Star Wars toy hangar! 1982

…or so it would seem! Look at all those great Star Wars vehicles! The fellas seem to be having a great time. But then again…who wouldn’t? Star Wars toys are AWESOME!…


Rich and Yoda chill by the mall’s X-Wing! 1980

Here’s Rich, and his new friend Yoda. This mock-up of an X-Wing is really cool and pretty close to full size!

Keep an eye on Yoda though Rich, he’s known to pick-pocket kids for their Orange Julius money.…

Bats love underoos? Rich in 1980

So here’s Rich, a tape recorder, and a bat! Not just any bat, but a “Gre-Gory” bat toy! Look it up! 

If Rich wants to run around in Yoda Underoos, holding a toy bat in one hand, and a …


Rich isn’t tired….of Star Wars! 1978

After 1977, you’d have a tough time NOT finding a Star Wars poster in every kids bedroom in America! Richard proves that point here! Can you blame Rich, Star Wars was the coolest! Good choice with the Vader by the …


Rich has no time for your photos! The Falcon needs its stickers! Christmas 1980

Rich has just enough time to turn from his work to take another Christmas photo! These stickers aren’t going to stick themselves, sheesh! This Falcon needs to be flying as soon as possible!!!…