Christopher discovers the Vader clone, Prince Tha-Dar!

What a gem of a find, Christopher tell us, “Came across this pic stuck in a book I got years ago. Never noticed it. Does anyone remember meeting Prince Tha-Dar? Can’t remember where Collection came from…?”

At this moment, Prince …


Gary gets Vader’s autograph in 1980!

Here is the autograph Gary got on the day he met Vader! He remembers “I’m the kid with the wide collar and shorts to the right of Mr Vader. Blackpool UK, 1979/80 we went into the Lewis’s Department Store after …


Keith gets a Vader signature! 1978

Keith and his Mom visit Darth Vader who’s busy signing autographs.

It’s funny now to think that way back when, you could slap a Vader helmet and Vampire cape together and BAM, you’re signing autographs and posing for photos as …

See-Threepio and Chewbacca make a public appearance! Steve in 1977

I’m guessing this must be a car show appearance, or at least something similar! Getting to visit with See Threepio at an event like this when I was a kid would have blown my mind! Right in front of Threepio …


Photo op time with Vader and John 1978

John and Vader pose for a photo back in 1978. I’m not sure if Vader is smiling…let’s assume he’s smiling? …

Jake gets a visit from Vader in 1981

Vader signs autographs? Who knew??? I guess it’s better than being Force Chocked! …