Mark Hamill and Steve hang out at the ESB premiere! 1980

Steve hangs out with his new best friend Mark Hamill at the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back. Steve was a winner of the Kenner sweepstakes held in 1980. Details of the contest are below:

  1. See the US premiere of

Steve hangs with his new buddy Kenny Baker! 1980

Kenner contest winner hangs out with Kenny Baker! What an amazing weekend Steve had. It’s what EVERY kid dreamed of in 1980. …


Steve and his amazing Star Wars loot! 1980

Sweepstakes winner Steve hangs with his amazing Kenner collection! Details of the Kenner collection are here:

  1. See the US premiere of The Empire Strikes Back in Washington DC.
  2. Own every Star Wars toy ever made, and will be made.
  3. Take

ESB Sweepstakes winner Steve hangs out with his Star Wars goodies!

Steve IS a winner! Kenner has an amazing contest during the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back, and Steve was one of the winners! Details below:

  1. See the US premiere of The Empire Strikes Back in Washington DC.
  2. Own every

Steve asks, who’s up for a little Star Wars board game? 1978

Here’s Steve with his new Star Wars board game! Steve says,”All my old collection and this is the only Star Wars picture I can find of myself. I guess I should feel lucky, back then if you had 5-10 pics …

Steve captures Chewbacca! 1977

You’ve seen Vader! You’ve seen a Stormtrooper! What could possibly come next? Oh…it’s Chewbacca! He looks kinda bummed, I see no crowds, no mobs of kids. Was Chewie late to the party?

Chewie, you were late to Life Day, AND …

Steve captures a Stormtrooper! 1977

Toys R Us is the place where dreams come true? Apparently, as this store appearance is the stuff of dreams! The “guys” of Star Wars show up at your favorite toy store? WOW!!!

Steve comments “Some photos from 9/25/77, the …

Steve snaps a pic of Vader at a store appearance in 1977!

It happens folks! Sometimes things happen that are so awesomely amazing, it defies words! What would YOU do if Vader showed up for an appearance at your favorite store? My head would explode, I’m pretty sure of that!

Steve tells …

Steve shows off his Star Wars toys! 1981

How many great Star Wars toys can you spot in this photo? I see Bespin Luke, Boba Fett, and of course Slave 1! Steve, we share a great taste in toys!…