Steve and his amazing Star Wars loot! 1980

Sweepstakes winner Steve hangs with his amazing Kenner collection! Details of the Kenner collection are here:

  1. See the US premiere of The Empire Strikes Back in Washington DC.
  2. Own every Star Wars toy ever made, and will be made.
  3. Take

Evan’s Star Wars stuff is AMAZING! 1980

Evan’s tour of his stuff continues! So much amazing goodness, I can’s describe it all. Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek…I gotta lie down!…

Evan reveals his Star-Ship collection 1980

No need to get into ID’ing them all. Take a look and you tell me which ones you recognize? So much Sci-Fi awesome in this image, I can hardly stand it!…

Dennis and his buddies enjoy some toy store Star Wars fun! 1979

Dennis (the fellow in the middle), and his cronies hang out at the local toy store! Folks, this scene was all over the place back in the day. Glorious acres, and acres of Star Wars happiness. Remember the good days …

Brandon’s Star Wars toy collection 1982.

Brandon’s Star Wars toy collection 1982.…