Jason smiles under the watchful eye of Darth Vader! 1978

Jason smiles as Vader looms above him. What Jason doesn’t know is that Vader is a little disappointed Jason said nothing about his snazzy new calculator chest box.…

Chris’s birthday is that much sweeter with a lightsaber! 1979

Everything is better with a lightsaber! Right Chris?…


Andy the evil Royal Guard from Return of the Jedi! 1983

Royal Guard’s never get  enough love! No more, as young Andy wears this awesome home-made costume!

Andy remembers,”Mexico City, 1983. My aunt unearthed this photo, It was my cousin’s birthday, every kid went as his/her favorite character. I remember a …

Marc the Jedi protests sister Joanna! 1978

Stoic Jedi-Knight Marc stands guards over sister Joanna. Marc surely looks the part in his Star Wars utility belt!

Joanna recalls,”Me and my brother Marc with his Star Wars gear. I was enamored with my 8-track tapes in the background.” …

Fredrik is Vader! 1986

Fredrik chases an unknown Rebel during Christmastime! You never know when youll need to hunt down that kinda scum. They might be trying to steal presents…and Death Star plans!

Fredrik remembers, “Somewhere in Sweden, in 1986 or so (Yes, I’m …

A mouse and the Jedi! Carly and Jeff 1999

Jedi Jeff protects her sister Carly the cute little mouse. It looks like Carly is holding all the candy loot, so it’s a good move to protest little sister. Jedi are smart like that!…


Darrin wields a yellow lightsaber! -1980

Darrin poses with his lightsaber, ready to hack at any enemy that comes close. Before we knew exactly how a Jedi should behave, children were hacking at everything with lightsabers! It’s amazing anyone is still alive!…

Mike is a Star Wars toy show-off! 1980

Gaze at this picture and feel the jealousy grow! Mike mocks you with his Toltoys Death Star, Lightsaber, and other Star Wars relics! Mike will not allow you to play with them either.

What Lightsaber?!?! Mike, Doug, and Shirley have no idea what you’re talking about!

Find the “Light Beam” Lightsaber knock off toy in this photo gang! Can you find it? Well neither can Mike, Doug, and Aunt Shirley by the look of it……