Jim’s childhood treasures. 1979

Jim proudly displays a few of his newly acquired Star Wars treasures. Oh, how we all loved Star Wars stuff! …


Brent and his Star Wars birthday! 1978

Brent, upon his 11th birthday receieved a bounty of Star Wars goodness! So much good stuff in this photo…man I miss the early days of Star Wars.

Happy Birthday Brent! 🙂…


When you have a Star Wars birthday! Eric 1978

Everyone is all smiles on Eric’s birthday! Please take a moment to soak up Eric’s gifts there…yeah, that’s good!

Eric recalls,”Here’s a fun one from my 6th birthday November 1978. I got a huge jump start on my collection and …

Daniel get’s much more than Star Wars! 1977

This photo is AMAZING! Look at it! Just…LOOK AT IT! This photo right here is a time machine of 70’s TOY HEAVEN!


Thank’s Daniel! 🙂…

Brandon’s Halloween Party 1979

Brandon’s Halloween Party 1979!…