Drawing the coolness of Star Wars! Carlos

Adventures are just a sheet of paper and set of markers away! …

Chad has ALL the Star Wars figures! 1979

Yep, that’s the face you make when you have ALL the Star Wars figures! 🙂…

Jeffrey and some arts and crafts Sand People-ing! 1989

Crafty little Jeffrey here just made us a Sand People! Nice job buddy!…


John and his Star Wars figure friends!

John remembers, “8 years old with my figures. Summer of 78 Good times!”

A great little collection John! I’m sure more would be added soon after this photo was snapped. 🙂…


Rich hangs with Luke and friends! It’s a Star Wars birthday! 1979

Everybody seems to be having a great time. When Luke Skywalker and friends stop by, it always turns out to be a good time.…


An EPIC Star Wars Christmas! Brad 1978

Drink in this photo, friends! This is what Christmas 1978 was like for many a lucky child. I got a few figures and was jealous of these EPIC Christmas Star Wars toy hauls, so we all know that Brad was …


Bryan and his new Christmas Star Wars figures! 1979

Bryan is all smiles! But who wouldn’t be if you got Star Wars action figures for Christmas?!?…

Daniel and the STAR WARS cake! 1978

I guess we have a choice…we have a nice race car theme on the left, and STAR WARS cake on the right! I ask you kids…what side would you choose?

I hope Mom’s not mad when she’s got leftover race …

Kelly and some Christmas Star Wars toys! 1980

Kelly rips into some Christmas goodness, Star Wars style! A few figures, a blaster, and let’s not pretend we didn’t notice the X-Wing Aces box over there on the piano bench! I think the dog was hoping for a treat. …